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During the past century industrial and technological advances have shaped the world we live in.  Not only has these industries provided the world with the great wealth that we now enjoy, though they have also, unfortunately, left a path of debris better known as toxic waste, that has severely  damaged this great land and sky.  The expanse of industry lead to an increase in what we know as stuff.  Stuff that has to be discarded. We have come from a period of thousands of years when all of our debris was biodegradable to one century where  well over 75% of the planet is affected by pollution.  WOW!

More and more people are concerned about the carbon footprint they leave on the planet. Each considering their contribution to global warming, climate change, storms, drought, massive death of animals due to toxic water ways and increase health  problems for humans. The list goes on and on, and gets a bit depressing, as it should. We each play a part in both perpetuating the contamination of our planet as well as preserving it's health.

​The impact that we have in our communities and on our planet is directly related to our daily lifestyles.   These are issues you may consider.

  • Use of efficiency lighting
  • Use of heater/air conditioner
  • Use of motor vehicles
  • Food choices
  • Amount of disposable waste

Some would argue that making changes in these areas would be extreme and against the grain of progress.  Though the truth is that if everyone contributes by  embracing  feasible options in order to make reasonable changes, then the issues impacting upon the world would reduce measurably.

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When in balance, there is a direct correlation between how you treat your body and how you treat the planet.  It is an issue of respect and appreciation.  As contrary as it may seem, the state of the planet and human health suggests perfect balance.  Though I am sure we, our children and descendants would appreciate better.
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Blacks in Green

Future in Green Living

Green living is a wave of the future. Consider what path you can take to green your home.
Is green living a part of your path?
Naomi is one of Chicago’s most celebrated environmentalists. She is an urban theorist, attorney, activist, and proud granddaughter of Mississippi sharecroppers. She is President & Founder of BIG: Blacks in Green.™ BIG™ is a national network, one of America’s most diverse eco-orgs, and a thought leader in green economic development for communities of color…across 13 economic sectors. Naomi serves as a bridge and catalyst among communities and their stakeholders in the design and development of green, self-sustaining, mixed-income, walkable-villages within black neighborhoods. She is author of “The 8 Principles of Green-Village-Building” -- a whole-system solution for the whole-system problems common to black communities everywhere – which she presents in lectures and workshops around the country and teaches at the University of Chicago Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture. Together with its precursor Grannynomics,™ green-village-building addresses the terrible triplets of pollution, poverty, and plutocracy and is a “culture-specific prescription with universal value.” Around the world, local living economies are recognized as greenhouse gas reduction strategies. To fill the void of blacks in green neighborhood revival, Naomi trains activists to lead where they live to create walk-to-work, walk-to-shop, walk-to-play, walk-to-learn villages. Naomi is a Green For All Fellow, and for her work in green community economic development has received Lt. Governor Pat Quinn’s 2007 Environmental Hero Award, the 2008 Chicago Magazine Green Award, the 2009 Jewel‐Osco Environmental Stewardship Prize, the 2010 Ebony Magazine Power100, and in 2011 was selected to serve on Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel’s Transition Team for Energy, Environment, and Public Space, and as 1 of 100 international thought leaders to present at Groupon Founder’s First Annual Chicago Ideas Week.  

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